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Revamped Women's Health & Fitness mag jumps 26.4%

An under-the-radar revamp of Australia’s longest-established women’s health and fitness magazine has translated to a category-leading readership gain of 26.4% year on year.

Blitz Publications and Multi-Media Group’s 19-year-old Women’s Health & Fitness magazine rose 26.4% between December 2011 and December 2012, according to newly released Roy Morgan readership results.

While the sector was distracted by the launch of another licensed title, Women’s Health & Fitness was staging its own comeback under editor Rebecca Long, who was appointed in late 2011 to reinvigorate the title. The result is greater editorial scope with a distinct identity and tightly integrated print and digital editorial environments complemented by a panel of high-profile, influential industry leaders.
The impressive expert team includes former Cleo features and lifestyle director Joanna Barry as associate beauty editor, celebrity sex therapist Amanda Robb, Project Runway Australia stylist Amber Renae as fashion editor and vitality coach Nikki Fogden-Moore as head fitness trainer and ambassador.

“The magazine has solid foundations, which is evidenced by its longevity, but in a competitive, fragmented media landscape, success literally is a case of ‘survival of the fittest’. We have emerged from a huge year with renewed strength and agility, which stands us in excellent stead to not only keep up with consumer and client expectations, but to remain a step ahead,” says publisher Silvio Morelli.

The title’s own fitness campaign has included the launch of 6 industry-leading multi-platform digital and social properties, with accompanying campaigns such as the search for a cover model competition.

Morelli says that the next phase is about publicising the changes. “While we will continue to evolve to honour our new tag line ‘Your Best’, now it’s about ensuring consumers in this category are seeking us out specifically at the news stand and supermarkets. We want all women with an interest in living a healthy, happy lifestyle to recognise us as an invaluable ally.”

An upcoming awareness campaign will be bolstered by the magazine’s Facebook page, which has grown by over 500,000 users in the last 3 months. WH&F also has a dedicated online TV channel as well as a website and mobile phone platform, an Android app and iPad® app which has been voted by iMonitor™ as Australia’s second-best iPad® magazine app and eighth best globally.

Morelli says that the magazine now represents better marketing value than ever.

“Recent enquiries suggest that we are now an incredibly interesting prospect, with our expanded reach and buzz combined with multi-channel packages that the bigger players can’t match,” Morelli says. “We will continue to pioneer with early adoption of platforms that provide a dynamic experience for readers and, importantly, deeper engagement for our clients.”

To experience WH&F, visit or facebook/womenshealthandfitness