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Blitz Publications announces a new magazine Fight Live

Blitz Publications announces a new magazine FightLive - Blitz Publications & Multi-Media Group

Melbourne, 3 May 2016: Blitz Publications and Multimedia Group today announced an expansion of its magazine range with the creation of a new title: Fight Live magazine. Fight Live is the result of merging long-running titles Fight! Australia and International Kickboxer to create a new flagship brand for combat sports in Australia.

“This is a great move for us. This is us listening to the market, and responding accordingly,” said Mark Unwin, General Manager of Blitz Publications and Multimedia.

“Not only do we now have one of the best online live streaming services for combat sports events from anywhere in the world, we now have a magazine that will provide more in-depth news, profiles, event coverage and engaging stories to support it,” noted Unwin.

“We’ve seen the rise in popularity of MMA and Muay Thai sports in this country in recent years, following the trend right around the world. Australia is in some ways playing catch-up on this, but Australian fans are passionate and want more information about fighters, events and insights across many different styles of combat sports.”

Fight Live magazine will be a bi-monthly publication, a brand extension to support the growing online streaming service 

Since its inception in 1986, Melbourne-based Blitz Publications & Multi-Media Group has grown into one of Australia’s leading health, wellbeing, fitness and sports lifestyle publishing and multimedia companies. With nine brands across eight media platforms, Blitz Publications reaches more than 3,600,000 passionate and loyal readers every month.

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