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Muse magazine targets mental health and wellbeing

Muse Launch Cover

Melbourne, 12th May, 2017: Muse magazine - a new Australian monthly women’s magazine fusing contemporary lifestyle and applied psychology content, promises to encourage positive mental health discussions, promote self-development and inner wellbeing. 

Guided by the tagline ‘Think. Create. Become.’ muse will serve the Australian audience as mirror, metaphor and mentor. 

“The idea is that the reader is The Muse and will use the magazine to see herself in a new light and hopefully gain information and skills that enable self-development,” says muse editor Rebecca Long. Its intimate ‘human’ lens and simple yet intelligent language differentiate it from both tabloid and academic genres.

“Between the appeal of personal development, inspiration, positive sentiment and mindfulness, it’s a really exciting time to lead those conversations around self-empowerment,” says Long. While its core is everyday style and psychology within relatable contemporary lifestyle contexts, the magazine is intent on shining a light on, and starting conversations around mental health issues often kept out of mainstream media. 

“I think welcoming tainted issues such as behavioural traits, personality disorders, moods, lifestyle challenges, family or workplace relationships and the myriad reasons for grief into everyday conversations, can only benefit our collective wellbeing, by reducing fear and dividedness and enhancing the conversation,” Long says. “It’s about informing the audience, through breaking down some of those issues and promoting understanding; using that understanding as females to develop ourselves and compassionately nurture our own and others’ strengths.”

Positioned as “a slow read, to be contemplated and kept as a personal reference”, muse is stylishly designed for coffee table appeal, which will benefit the magazine’s clients and partners. 

The title extends BPMG’s stable of successful women’s titles including Women’s Health & Fitness magazine, Australian Natural Health and Nourish. 

Since its inception in 1986, Melbourne-based Blitz Publications & Multi-Media Group has grown into one of Australia’s leading health, wellbeing, fitness and sports lifestyle publishing and multimedia companies. With eight brands across eight media platforms, BPMG reaches more than 3,600,000 passionate and loyal consumers every month. 

Muse magazine launches nationally on May 25th 2017.

For further information and comment, please contact Rebecca Long on (03) 9574 8999 or visit